Tech Blog Review: Jambox

It’s not often that an accessory catches our eyes, and in the case of the Jambox, it’s for all the right reasons.

Small-scale speakers have always been problematic for me. The first problem is the obvious one: The sound quality. The second issue is more practical – they’ve always been mono-function accessories that don’t do anything beyond broadcast sound.

Enter the Jambox, which is one of the most nifty accessories on the market right now. Shaped somewhat like an oversized Lego, the Jambox is a portable wireless speaker system with an output capacity of 85 decibels.  It’s rechargeable, and we found that we consistently got at least nine hours of life out of it before having to plug it in.

The Jambox is cordless and thus easy to pack and carry. Thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities, you can stream off your iPhone or iPad right to the Jambox, no docking required. But what we like even more here in the office is that you can use the Jambox to conference call. It’s great in a traditional office setting as well as in the car – we found the sound quality far beyond a typical speaker call on our collective phones and it’s also a safer option than trying to hold the phone and drive.

The third thing we also like is the price. At $199.99, it’s a much hipper and cheaper option to Bose’s SoundLink wireless mobile speaker.

And we have to admit it: We like the color options.

Jambox is available as a featured accessory from AT&T, online or from a local big box retailer.

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