A GPS of a different stripe

Most of us use our GPS devices in our cars to tell us how to get somewhere. Garmin now makes a nifty little device to tell you just the opposite: Where someone is going.

The Garmin GTU 10 is a GPS unit combined with a web-based tracking system that can be accessed from any computer or smartphone. In other words, it lets you stay still and watch where your family members, pets or even property may be going.

We think it’s an intriguing idea with a lot of applications, and at $199 for both the device and a year of standard tracking, it’s an investment worth considering. The Garmin GTU looks like a small key fob and can easily be slipped in a pocket or backpack … or attached to the collar of a dog with a penchant for wandering. It could also be of assistance in helping to keep track of an elderly parent or grandparent coping with health issues like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

One of our staff members who travels frequently suggested slipping it into a suitcase so you can have the sweet experience of telling the airline exactly where your luggage is when they don’t exactly know themselves.

We also like the fact that the software is interactive. Someone with a teen driver can easily slip it in the car and if the teen drives out of an acceptable, preset boundary known as a “geofence,” the Garmin GTU 10 will notify you by text or email.  Users have the ability to set up to 10 designated geofences at any given time.

The Garmin GTU was easy to use right out of the box. As far as toys and accessories go, it’s a nifty little item with lots of practical applications.

The Garmin GTU is available as a featured accessory from AT&T, online or from a local big box retailer.

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