Wisconsin’s One-Year Anniversary of No Texting While Driving Ban

At the Wisconsin State Capitol today, lawmakers along with the Wisconsin State Patrol, AAA and AT&T came together to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the signing of Wisconsin’s ban on texting while driving.

After going into effect Dec. 1, 2010, this law prohibits Wisconsin drivers from sending an e-mail or text message while driving.  Wisconsin is one of 34 states that had banned texting while driving, and here in Wisconsin, violators face a fine of $400.

In the past year, new applications, such as DriveMode, have been launched to help keep drivers safe while on the road.

DriveMode is part of AT&T’s national public awareness campaign to highlight the risks of texting and driving.  AT&T is currently partnering with AAA to reach out to teenage drivers to help warn them about the dangerous consequences of texting with driving. In addition, the AAA has also launched a national initiative to ban texting while driving in every state by 2013.With this free app, DriveMode, sends customizable auto-reply messages to incoming texts and emails, letting the sender know that the user is driving. Another safety feature from this app is that it allows for calls to be sent directly to voicemail.

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