Tech Blog Review – The HTC Jetstream: Should you jump in this current?

The answer is yes. The HTC Jetstream is rapidly making its way through the tablet market. This tablet is the first to run on AT&T’s new LTE network.

The Good: With a 10.1” display and aluminum backing, the HTC Jetstream is built with quality. What sets the HTC Jetstream tablet apart is its rear and front-facing camera and video capabilities. Its photos have amazing clarity and quality. They turn out great, especially when viewed on such a large screen. It is the ideal tablet for photographers, artists, etc.

For the music lovers out there, like myself, the HTC Jetstream has not one but two speakers the back that allows for a more crisper and accurate sound. The speakers even have a sub-woofer.

Its sleek and minimalistic appearance matches its modern technical capabilities. As the first tablet to use HTC Sense with Honeycomb, the next version of the Android software, this software has been specifically designed for devices with larger screens. Its touch-screen capability is swift and easy to maneuver. With just one swipe horizontally across the screen, you can access all five screens.

The Bad: There has been a lot of criticism regarding its expensive price and the limited 4G LTE availability, which is currently not accessible in Wisconsin. But with future 4G LTE rollouts, this will be less of an issue. AT&T’s LTE is only available in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

The HTC Jetstream is $699.99 with a two-year contract through local Wisconsin AT&T stores and online at Limited 4G LTE availability is in select markets.

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