How many apps does it take to change a light bulb?

An app created by two Milwaukee developers was awarded best overall application in the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent Apps for the Environment Challenge. Adam Borut and Andrea Nylund created Light Bulb Finder, an application that helps users find energy efficient light bulbs for their home fixtures.

By entering your zip code, Light Bulb Finder calculates the average electricity use in your area and potential savings earned by switching to energy efficient light bulbs. After trying out the demo ourselves, the step-by-step process appears to be very user friendly, ensuring that users choose the right bulb for their fixture. At the end of the process, Light bulb Finder creates a shopping list that can be saved on your phone for your next trip to the store. Users can also purchase light bulbs directly through the app and have them delivered to their home.

As new energy efficient standards for light bulbs began taking effect early next year, this app could be useful for those who are unsure which light bulbs are right for their homes. Our only reservation is that we’re not sure if the app is sexy enough to draw people to initially download it.  We’re eager to see Light Bulb Finder expand compatibility to more phones as it is currently available for only iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone users.

Light Bulb Finder is also competing in another application contest by AT&T, The Power Your Future Contest. This contest challenges participants to create an app that helps users become more environment friendly. You can vote for Light Bulb Finder now until December 9. To find out how you can vote, click here.

To check out Light Bulb Finder’s website, click here.

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