Tech Review: HTC Flyer

We recently got our hands on the HTC Flyer from US Cellular. The younger sister to the HTC Jetstream from AT&T (read our review), its 7-inch screen fits easily in one and is similar in size to your average e-reader. Though small, the HTC still has email, social networking applications and an internet browsing capabilities just like the bigger tablets on the market.

After using the HTC Flyer for some time, I believe the biggest draw to the Flyer is also its biggest setback. The size of the HTC Flyer allows it to be easily tucked away in a small bag or carry on, making it a perfect choice for someone on the go a lot. But after using it for awhile, zooming in and out of web pages on the small screen got tiring. If you’re looking for a tablet for more casual use, my suggestion would be to invest in one with a bigger screen such as the HTC Jetstream or the iPad. I was also disappointed when the internet browser wouldn’t allow me to stream Pandora in one window and continue browsing in another.

I did enjoy the Flyer’s dual front and back camera that made it easy to snap photos. The Flyer’s small size works to its advantage again as it could be easily taken to a family get together or party. The HTC Flyer also allows you to edit and crop your photos before you post them to your favorite social networking site or email them to a friend.

The HTC Flyer is available at US Cellular stores for $399 after a $100 rebate. Though we think the HTC Flyer would be a good choice for someone on the go, we would be to make the extra investment in a bigger tablet like the HTC Jetstream or the iPad.

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