Happy Birthday Xbox!

The world of game consoles was very different a decade ago. It was a time when the PlayStation 2 and the Sega Dreamcast were on top. I was still playing Mario Cart on my Nintendo 64 while anxiously awaiting the arrival of the GameCube. Many were skeptical that the original clunky Xbox would even make a splash in the gaming world. Who would have thought we would be celebrating the Xbox’s 10th birthday?

Looking back, what was different about the original Xbox that would give the brand such longevity? The answer is simple; Microsoft was the first company approach a gaming system like a computer. The Xbox used standard PC parts and included a hard drive. Even as PlayStation 2 tried to keep up, there was no stopping to Xbox. Once Halo hit the seen, Xbox became the game system of choice. With Microsoft’s recent announced of Halo 4 for Xbox 360, we expect to celebrate many future birthdays for the game console.

Here’s our toast to Xbox – happy birthday! Don’t ever underestimate the underdog.

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