Tech Blog Review: HTC Titan

We were excited to get our hands on the newly released HTC Titan running on a Windows Platform from AT&T. For consumers not interested in the iPhone 4s, the HTC with its 4.7-inch touch screen could be a good alternative.


With such a large LCD screen, it allows you to view a lot at once without having to zoom in and out as you would with other smartphones, not to mention the quality of the picture is great. I was a little turned off by how big the phone felt in my hand, but it could be something I grew into. For users who want a larger screen rather than a phone that’s easy to handle, this could be a good fit.

With the Windows platform, the phone allows you to run Microsoft Office, making it easy to work on the fly. On your down time, you can watch TV by connecting to U-Verse, play games on X-Box Live or download some 10,000 apps. With all the capabilities on this phone, I’m a little intimidated by it and not sure if I need a phone where I can play Call of Duty on the go. For a techie who spends a lot of time out of the office or is bored with the iPhone, this could be a great phone for you. But, for a smartphone novice or someone using it for more casual use, I’d stick with the iPhone 4s.

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