Apps to get you through Thanksgiving

From ambitious and sometimes experimental cooking (Tofurkey, anyone?) to a houseful of extended family, Thanksgiving can be a stressful day. Though this holiday is meant to be a day of gratitude and family, things tend to awry.  To keep you from daydreaming about your in laws getting taken out by Clay Matthews during tomorrow’s Packers vs. Lions game (Go Pack Go!), we found some Thanksgiving-focused applications that may help make your day a little less stressful.

1. Thanksgiving Coloring Book. While you’re in the kitchen juggling the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, the last thing you want are flock of kids playing flag football in the kitchen.  The Thanksgiving Coloring Book allows kids to finger paint and color right from your iPhone, iPad or Android. The best part—there’s no clean up afterwards.

iPhone Screenshot 1

 2.  Turkey Plucker. The name speaks for itself. But if you need to let out some steam before you sit down to dinner with your extended family, this feather plucking application could be for you. You even can battle with your in laws for the best time.


iPhone Screenshot 1

 3. The Professional Chef. If you eagerly volunteered to cook the turkey on Thanksgiving even though you can’t make a grilled cheese sandwich, maybe you should invest in this $50 application only available on the iPad. Developed by the Culinary Institute of America, Professional Chef is designed to be your personal cooking mentor. With over 700 photos, instructional videos and a discussion board, this application can help you channel your inner Martha Stewart.

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