Waffle no longer

In the weeks leading up to the holidays, there’s always a certain level of debate over the right time to buy that latest electronic gadget you have your eye on for someone special. Will the price go down? Will it go up ?

Decide.com takes the guesswork out of it. The firm, co-founded by Internet search pioneer Oren Etzioni, has millions of dollars in venture capital behind it. We think it’s brilliant in its simplicity.

Not sure if it’s the right time to buy? Go to decide.com and type in the item you’re thinking of buying. Not only does the site show you what it’s available for now, it also calculates the probability of the price going up or down in the near future.

The site is more than just a high-tech Magic 8-Ball. Because it relies on proprietary algorithms to make price and product predictions, rather than marketing campaigns, it’s highly accurate. As of today, the site is running at 77 percent accuracy, with an average savings for consumers of $54 per item. It’s also available as an app for iPhone, which is great for those who haven’t finished their holiday shopping and want to check it out while in a store.

If you’ve already purchased the item, it’s an even better reason to hold on to those receipts. A price adjustment or a better deal somewhere else is likely to be in your future.

Check it out at www.decide.com.

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