The fire hazard in your pocket: iPhone

I’m eagerly awaiting the possibility of a new PSA concerning millions of people who are unknowingly packing heat every day.  Within the past week, two reports of the iPhone spontaneously combusting have emerged. Could there be a massive recall in the iPhone’s future?It Happened in Australia: Could Your iPhone Self-Combust? [UPDATED]

A Second iPhone 4 Catches Fire, This Time in Brazil


The first incident came from a flight landing in Sydney where a passenger’s iPhone began producing “a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow,” according to news reports. Several days later, a similar incident occurred in Brazil where the charging iPhone began to spark just a few feet from the sleeping owner’s face. Definitely not the type of alarm I want to wake up to.

Apple has not commented on either report as of now, and we’re guessing these are just two isolated incidents. Knowing there is possibility of my iPhone catching on fire doesn’t sit well, but I’m not losing sleep over it … yet.


To learn more about the exploding iPhone, click here.

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