New Blackberry generation coming your way in 2012

Blackberry loyalists should be elated to know that RIM  is slated to launch its next generation of mobiles in early 2012. Blackberry sales have slipped recently with the influx of flashier products currently on the market, so we’re eager to see how these mobiles stack up to the iPhone 4s or HTC Titan.

With product names including London, Milan and Forest, rumored features have some products with the traditional Blackberry QWERTY keyboard while others will make the jump to touch screen. I’m anxious for the release of the Blackberry Forest, which is rumored as a 10-inch tablet. Will it blend into the sea of tablets already available or be a serious iPad competitor?

As a Blackberry user who’s ready to upgrade, I’m curious to see what the next generation will be all about. On the other hand, I’m ready to try something a little flashier, perhaps a Windows running phone or an iPhone.

To learn more about this new generation of Blackberry, click here.

2012 BBX BlackBerry Roadmap Preview

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