Tech Review: Samsung Focus Flash

We recently got our hands on another Windows platform phone, the Samsung Focus Flash. A lot less bulky than the previous Windows phone we tried out, the HTC Titan, the Focus Flash is a better fit for someone looking for a Windows phone.

Though the Focus Flash has a slightly smaller touch screen of 3.7 inches, its resolution makes graphics appear very sharp and vibrant. For someone looking for a smaller phone without giving up screen quality, this could be the phone for you. While the smaller screen gave me a few small texting problems, I’m sure those could be worked out if I spent more time with the Focus Flash.

As I become more acquainted with the Windows platform, I’m seriously thinking about making the jump from my current RIM Blackberry Curve. The layout and design is simply way more aesthetic and user friendly. However, with RIM launching their next generation of Blackberry soon, maybe I’ll wait and see what RIM has to offer.

Another incentive of the Samsung Focus Flash is its price. With a two-year agreement, consumers can score the Focus Flash for 99 cents through AT&T beginning this week. If you’re looking to pick up something for yourself while you finish your holiday shopping, maybe this phone is for you.

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