Tech Blog Review: Blackberry Bold 9900

As we mentioned last week, RIM is releasing their next generation of Blackberry mobiles after the New Year to compete with the avalanche of flashy Android, Windows and iOS platform phones currently on the market. While we haven’t gotten our hands on an elusive Blackberry Gen X mobile yet, we were able to try out the recent Blackberry Bold 9900 running RIM’s OS 7 from AT&T. Blackberry enthusiasts won’t be disappointed.

Button lovers don’t despair. The Blackberry Bold has the full QWERTY keypad and touch screen jump to different features. In addition to the keypad and the touch screen, the Blackberry Bold also includes the characteristic track pad. Including the keypad, touch screen and track pad for navigation seems pretty redundant to me, but I’m just happy RIM finally made the jump to the touch screen.

Blackberry Bold 9900

The upgraded camera is a significant plus for the Blackberry Bold. Cameras on previous Blackberry mobiles I’ve owned have been blurry and unfocused with no flash. It’s nice to see this phone step it up a bit in the camera department.
While RIM has made some big strides to keep up with Google and Apple, they do fall short in a few areas. If you love a big screen on your phone, this phone probably isn’t for you. For those who do a lot of web browsing on their mobile, this is not a good fit.

Overall, I believe Blackberry loyalists will be jazzed over the improvements RIM has made. For users who have already jumped to Androids or iPhones, this isn’t the phone to lure them back with. In the meantime, I’m just going anxiously wait for what RIM’s Blackberry Generation X is all about.

If looking to pick up the Blackberry Bold 9900, you can grab one at AT&T for $199 with a two year contract.

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