Impossible Project resurrects instant film

Hipsters and grandparents alike mourned in October 2008 when Polaroid shut down its last instant film production facility, which was located in the Netherlands. While it appeared the plant’s closing symbolized the final push towards digital photography, this is not entirely so. Ten former Polaroid employees started Impossible Project as an effort to keep instant analog photography alive. They were able to save the production equipment at the last Polaroid plant and began producing new instant film for traditional Polaroid cameras.

Polaroid Camera and film

Digital cameras are undoubtedly the norm, but it’s nice to see that people care enough to preserve the original instant film. Impossible Project’s online shop has a variety of instant film ranging from color, soft tones and sepia available for about $20 for eight exposures. The online store also sells new and refurbished instant cameras as well for around $200.

If you’re still looking for a holiday gift for someone who loves photography, Impossible Project is worth checking out. It’s also a great gift to bring back warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia.
Urban Outfitters has teamed up with Impossible Project to put together a $180 starter kit that includes a camera and enough film for 16 exposures. Click here to check it out.
To learn more about Impossible Project, click here.

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