Tech Review: iFrogz Luxe Microbuds with Microphone

With nearly an infinite amount of headphones and ear buds available, we thought we’d test out a pair for anyone looking for a last-minute gift or has a knack for losing them (guilty). The iFrogz Luxe Microbuds with a built-in microphone can easily transition from your mobile while on the go or your laptop when you’re in the office.

iFrogz Luxe Microbuds with microphone

If you don’t mind jamming things inside your ear, the iFrogz ear buds may be a good fit for you. Honestly, the feel of the ear buds kind of freaked me out because they feel as if they are pushed much further into the ear canal than typical ear buds. I might have unnaturally small ears, but it’s definitely unnatural to have to push those ear buds as far as I did. Even after all pushing, they still fell out. Again, maybe it’s just my ears but the three sizes of ear pieces just weren’t working out for me.

If you manage to get these ear buds in and have them stay in place, the sound quality is impressive.  I wasn’t expecting to the sound to be so clear and the noise canceling quality to be so effective. I was also surprised by the amount of bass I was able to hear from the ear buds.  If I could actually get them to fit in my ear, I’d purchase them in a heartbeat.

If you’re looking to pick them up before the holiday, I’d pick them up now. has prices rising in the next two weeks. You can grab a pair like ours for $25 from the AT&T store or pick them up at another electronics store.

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