Say it isn’t so! Texting on the decline

Everywhere I look, it seems as though I see someone with his or her eyes glued to a cell phone, thumbs swiftly typing the next text message.  From kids still in elementary school to senior citizens in line at the grocery store, everyone is doing it. Aren’t they?

According to a recent report from Forbes, steep declines in text messaging over the holiday season (a time when texting traditionally is expected to increase) occurred in several large SMS markets. On Christmas Eve, Finland experienced a 22 percent drop in text messages sent from the previous year. Hong Kong saw a similar drop Christmas Day 2011 from Christmas Day 2010 when SMS use declined 14 percent.

With people using other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate from their mobiles, could we see a significant drop in texting in the United States? Countries like Finland and Hong Kong were several years ahead of the US texting boom, so it’s possible that we might notice a decline in text messaging within the next couple years.

Do you think there will come a day when you abandon text messaging all together? Have you noticed that you’ve been using other social media tools instead of texting lately?

To read more about the decline of SMS, click here

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