It pays to go to the gym with Gym-Pact

Need a little, or a lot, of motivation to hit the gym in the New Year? If some extra cash will get you to lace up your sneakers, look no further than Gym-Pact, a new downloadable app for iPhone and iPad. The cash incentive workout motivation tool allows users to set the terms on how often and how much time you want to spend at the gym. By “checking-in” to your gym, the application keeps a log on your gym time for the week. Depending if you kept your end of the bargain, you’ll be either penalized or rewarded with cash by the amount of money you were willing to gamble.

Don’t think you can fool this application by checking into your gym while you’re on the couch either.  The application uses GPS to track whether you’re really at the gym. At the end of each week, the amount of money users were willing to pledge to hit the gym is redistributed between those who didn’t get their workouts in and those who did. Getting paid to go to the gym? I definitely could get used to that.

Over 40,000 gyms and fitness centers are already on Gym-Pact’s database with the ability to add more, unless your preferred workout locale is your office or home. Sorry, those don’t count.

Gym-Pact is currently available only for iPhone or iPad, but hopefully expanding in the future. We’re interested to see how much money people will be paying out versus how much they’re able to make as regular gym rats.

Is a cash incentive application like Gym-Pact enough to get you to the gym? To sign up or learn more, click here.

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