CES kicks off with big reveals

The International Consumer Electronics Show kicked off with several big reveals from AT&T, LG, Sharp and Intel. From waterproof cell phone covers, portable televisions and an avalanche of mobiles and gadgets, CES is a gadget lover’s utopia. Here are a few products that have caught our eye so far:

  • HTC Titan II. AT&T announced this mega-screen smartphone will have a 4.7 inch touchscreen and a 16MP camera.

  • Sharp Aquos. Say goodbye to your office whiteboard and sleep-inducing PowerPoint. The giant smart board ranging in size from 60- to 80-inch looks more like a sleek flat screen. The Aquos is sure to make office presentations more bearable.

  • OLED. The 55-inch super slim television from LG is just 4 mm thick and weighs just over 16 pounds.   Expected for released in late 2012, we’re sure this television will be on a lot of holiday wish lists.

  • Liquipel. The California-based firm has developed a “nano-coating” to make your electronic devices waterproof. If only Liquipel had been when I flushed my cell phone down the toilet.


As CES gets underway, we’re sure there will be more mind-blowing gadgets introduced.  We’re eager to see what the rest of CES has in store for gadget and tech lovers.

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