Tech Review: HTC 7 Pro

We may be green with envy over some of the products at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012, but luckily we were able to get ahold of the HTC 7 Pro from US Cellular to keep us occupied. The HTC 7 Pro is currently the only phone offered by US Cellular with a Windows platform. Overall, the device is a good fit someone looking for a sturdier phone and a full QWERTY keyboard without giving up the appeal of the touch screen.

HTC 7 Pro

As you know from previous posts, it’s no secret I’m a fan of the Windows mobile platform. The layout has a great aesthetic to it without making the screen look cluttered, with smooth transitions from one page to the next. I’ve got my fingers crossed US Cellular will carry more Windows platform phones in the future.

For mobile users who aren’t ready to make the full jump to the touch screen keyboard, the HTC 7 Pro has a full sliding QWERTY keyboard alongside its touch screen capabilities, allowing users to pick which method they’re most comfortable using for messaging. The mobile is on the heavier side, weighing in at 6.5 ounces, but understandable given the 3.6-inch touch screen and keyboard. But if you’re looking for both qualities in a mobile, you’ll probably be able to look past its bulkiness.

The main issue I had with this phone was alternating the display between vertical and horizontal. Unless the keyboard was out, you could only view the display vertically. I found if you wanted to send an email or text message using the touch screen you could slide the keyboard out, then back in, then type your message holding your phone horizontally using the touch screen. Most smartphones on the market easily transition from vertical to horizontal and the other way around; I don’t really understand why this one doesn’t.

Aside from some display limitations, there’s a lot to like about the HTC 7 Pro. The Windows platform, QWERTY keyboard and a nice camera are all reasons to check out this phone. You can currently pick one up from US Cellular for $129 after a $100 mail in rebate and a 2-year contract.

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