‘Ultrabook’ buzz word of CES 2012

First it was netbook, the mini laptop with limited capability and still somewhat of a pain to carry around. Then the tablet took the gadget world by storm as Apple led the way in what these sleek mobiles could do. So far at the 2012 International Consumer Electronic Show, the catchphrase appears to be “ultrabook.”

Intel's "Ultrabook"

Essentially the PC version of the MacBook Air, the introduction of nearly 30 ultrabooks from a variety of manufacturers are expected by the end of CES 2012. With Apple already dominating the super slim laptop market, it should be interesting to see whether any of the Intel powered products will be able to hold their own against the MacBook Air. With most ultrabooks announced this week to have an expected price tag of more than $1,000, they don’t seem to be starting with the best foot foward.

It also doesn’t help that yesterday Intel was caught faking their gaming demo using one of the ultrabooks. Perhaps the intent was to just avoid any embarrassing on-stage glitches. But regardless, it still seems a little shady and deceitful to lie to the CES audience.

What are your thoughts so far on the ultrabook market? Will you be looking to get one in 2012, or will you be sticking to your laptop or tablet?

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