Tech Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with iFrogz Stylus

It’s the new age philosophical question: what is the ideal screen size for a tablet? The market is filled with tablets in a wide range of sizes. The Apple iPad measure in at 9.5-inches, the Kindle Fire is just 7-inches and the HTC Jetstream is a mammoth 10-inches. However, it appears Samsung may have figured out the perfect size with the Galaxy 8.9 from AT&T.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

The size may be the most attractive feature of the Galaxy 8.9. An inch or two may not sound like a lot when comparing the 8.9 to the Galaxy 10.1 or Galaxy 7, but the difference of fitting the 8.9 in my purse while not having to constantly zoom in my browser in is huge. Weighing just less than one pound, the Galaxy 8.9 is also very lightweight. If you’re looking for a tablet to take on the go without giving up view ability, this tablet could be for you.

As far the tablet’s performance, I really don’t have any complaints. Navigating from the home screen, to an application and then a web page was smooth. There was one instance where by browser did sputter, but it was minor overall. The battery life on the tablet is pretty impressive as well with more than eight hours of use on a charge.

I amped my tablet experience by using a stylus for the first time. Bid farewell to annoying finger prints on your flashy tablet. The stylus made it easy to switch web pages and zip through text pages, but I will say it’s not ideal for typing unless you enjoy to the one-key-at-a time method.

The Galaxy 8.9 is available from AT&T for $480 with a two-year contract, and the iFrogz Stylus will set you back $13.

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