Another nail in the coffin of film photography: Kodak files for bankruptcy


Even Bill Cosby was a Kodak fan

Kodak, the company which first brought you the digital camera, has filed today for Chapter 11 after its sixth annual loss in seven years. The financial troubles of the 131-year old company are yet another nail in the coffin of film photography as digital cameras and social media have transformed the way we take and share pictures.


Though Kodak’s bankruptcy doesn’t shock me, I still find it sad when a company like Kodak, a pioneer and dominating force in photography for over a century, becomes insufficient. Somebody at least needs to cue up Alanis Morrisette’s “ Ironic” in honor of Kodak, the inventor of the digital camera who was unable commercialize the technology like its competitors. 

I’m hoping the makers who brought consumers the Brownie, Kodachrome film, the Carousel and the saying “Kodak moment” will be able to restructure themselves into a profitable business once again in the future. Realistically, I’m sad to predict as social media and digital film continue to grow, Kodak’s resurgence isn’t likely.

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