Tech Review: EarPollution Luxe Micro Earbuds from iFrogz

EarPollution Luxe Micro Earbuds from iFrogz

Last month we tried out a pair of ear buds from iFrogz that had great sound but an awkward ear fit. We got our hands on different pair of iFrogz from AT&T and we thought we would give them another shot. As with any pair of ear buds, the real test to see if they’re a keeper boils down to whether they actually fit and stay in your ear. Unfortunately, this pair and I weren’t meant for each other.


Don’t get me wrong, the sound quality was pretty impressive for these tiny head phones. It’s just that I could even sit at my desk without the right one popping out of my ear every few minutes. Taking these to gym was just short of disaster, and I just ended up taking them out altogether. But as I said before, just because these ear buds didn’t work out for me doesn’t mean you should write them off. For someone with a different sized ear canal, these could be a great fit.

Overall, the ear buds are a great choice for someone not looking to spend a whole lot, but values good sound quality. According to, prices will remain steady around $20. Just first make sure they fit in your ear.

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