Tech Review: Pantech Element Tablet

We were pretty excited to get our hands on the new Pantech Element tablet from AT&T, which just launched this week. I must admit, I was expecting the 8-inch Element to just be another Android-powered tablet. However, after spending some time with it, there are a few features that make the Element stand out from the rest.

Pantech's splash proof tablet Element

The best feature of the Element may be that it’s splash proof. Finally, a mobile manufacturer has figured out it. Spill your cup of coffee on the Element? No worries. Get caught in the rain? No problem. The splash proof technology will undoubtedly prevent many near heart attacks in the future. While, yes, the Element is splash proof, I wouldn’t take it for a dip in the nearest swimming pool.

 Besides its splash proof coating, a couple small mechanical features make the Element worthy of a second look. The first is the fact the all the buttons on the Element are located on the top. While this may seem trivial, it makes a huge difference if you’re prone to hitting buttons by mistake causing you to turn off devices or annoying interruptions. The second feature is the power cord attached to a micro-USB port, meaning you only need to carry one cord for your phone and tablet. For someone like me who hates carrying and untangling power cords, this is great.

The tablet itself browses and jumps to web pages without any hiccups, and it supports 4G LTE which makes it even faster.  The splash-proof coating didn’t deter from the quality of the screen appearance, which pleased me. If you need a tablet on the more durable side, the Element might be for you.

If you’re interested in the Element, I’d check it out soon. AT&T is running a $249 special on the Pantech Element Tablet with the Pantech Burst smartphone.

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