Google announces big changes in privacy policy

Big changes are ahead for Internet users. Google has released its new privacy policy, slated to go into effect March 1. Essentially, the new privacy policy boils down to this: People who have accounts through any Google-owned product (Google+, Android, YouTube, Gmail, Google Accounts, Google Maps) must agree to let Google merge user data from those using multiple services. Those uncomfortable with Google’s new privacy statement have two options: They either grudgingly accept the new privacy or terminate their accounts.

Google announces big changes for users

While streamlining user data may sound like an efficient way to tailor internet use to consumer preferences, it also means giving up some online autonomy over where your information may end up. Google insists that users must be logged into one of their accounts to track their data use. Though if you use an Android product, Google may be monitoring your data use nearly all of the time given the fact an account is needed to run many of its features.

It will be interesting to see how Google’s new privacy policy affects our web experience. While web-surfing in tune with all my preferences sounds great, the new policy still sounds a little Big Brother to me.

What do you think of Google’s new privacy policy?

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