An exciting day for mobile technology in Wisconsin

There’s news to report from two of Wisconsin’s major cellular carriers today – and its good news for AT&T and US Cellular customers.

The first announcement this morning was from AT&T, which reported that it has invested more than $1 billion in its Wisconsin wireless and wireline networks during the past four years. AT&T notes that this investment was focused on improving the provider’s overall network performance and broadband coverage.

AT&T has certainly made the effort, activating 15 new cell site and towers throughout the state and improving the fiber-optic connections to more than 250 cell sites. These fiber-optic improvements will enable 4G speeds, according to AT&T. Additionally, AT&T added capacity to many of its cell sites, which is like adding additional lanes to a highway.

Today’s second big announcement comes from US Cellular, and it’s one that this provider’s users will be thrilled to hear. The carrier has firm plans to deploy 4G LTE in Wisconsin this March in the following markets: Milwaukee, Madison and Racine. It’s especially good news for US Cellular customers as this launch has been delayed a few times.

US Cellular also announced two new gadgets to debut with the launch of its LTE network. The first is a new Samsung tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and a new phone, the Galaxy S Aviator. We’re hoping to bring you a review of both of these gadgets soon.

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