New app makes grocery shopping a breeze

Madison residents who do their grocery shopping at Hy-Vee will be able to make their food runs a little less dreadful and time consuming. Des Moines, IA based chain, Hy-Vee has partnered with AT&T to introduce an application that helps customers locate items in the store, manage shopping lists and search for coupons.

Hy-Vee introduces shopping app

As someone who has aimlessly wandered up and down the store aisles until I find what I need, an application to tell me where my beloved box of Cheerios are shelved would be wonderful.  I’m also the person who scribbles a shopping list on whatever piece of paper I can find about 5 minutes before heading to the store, so a better way to manage my grocery list would be great.

The downside is there aren’t an abundance of Hy-Vee stores in Wisconsin (one on East Washington Avenue in Madison). So unless you live in the Madison area, it’s difficult to try out the application. It’d be great if other grocery stores in the area such as Pick ‘N’ Save or Woodman’s would follow Hy-Vee’s lead. Maybe then I wouldn’t put off my grocery shopping until my cupboards are almost bare.

Would a grocery store app help you in your shopping? Or would it become just another app to clutter your phone?

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