Tech Review: ZAGG Sparq 2.0 portable charger

With a slew of portable chargers available, we were eager to get our hands on ZAGG’s Sparq 2.0 from AT&T, otherwise known as the self-proclaimed “world’s most powerful portable charger.” For frequent travelers that need their gadgets ready to go at all times, this charger may be for you.

ZAGG Sparq 2.0

In comparison to other portable chargers available, the ZAGG Sparq isn’t the sleekest. It’s a good size to store in a glove box or slip into a carry-on, but probably too big for a pocket. However, travelers who spend a significant amount of time in airports or hotels will probably find the Sparq to still be portable enough to bring along.

Another great feature of the ZAGG Sparq is its ability to charge two devices simultaneously. Having two devices connected at the same time will slow down the Sparq’s charge speed, but may be worth it if you need your cell phone and camera ready to go at the same time.

As far as keeping your devices charged, there’s no denying the Sparq’s capabilities. The Sparq charged my smartphone in quickly with very little set up time. If you’re looking for a no fuss charger, ZAGG’s Sparq could be for you.

The downside to this portable charger is its recharging time. After draining the battery, the ZAGG Sparq needs about 9 hours to fully charge again. Obviously this isn’t ideal for people on go, especially for those who are not near an outlet for that long. I’ve also read other reports of users receiving “dud” Sparq batteries, or batteries that simply never turn on out of the box.

Overall, I think the ZAGG Sparq could be a good choice for mobile users on the go who rely on multiple devices. I would just be cautious you don’t end up with a dud before investing $99 for the ZAGG Sparq.

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