Data use skyrockets during Super Bowl

While some of us might still be mourning the Pack’s absence from Sunday’s Super Bowl or re-watching our favorite commercials from the night, some big numbers regarding data use turning the big game have surfaced. Both Verizon and AT&T are reporting dramatic increases in calls, text messages and broadband use.

A record amount to mobile data captured Eli's big win Sunday

AT&T customers lucky enough to attend the game uploaded 40 percent more data than they downloaded inside Lucas Oil Stadium, sharing pictures and videos with envious family and friends. AT&T is reporting more than 75,000 calls originated on its network from the stadium, along with more than 720,000 text messages. AT&T saw more data use during this year’s Super Bowl than any other sporting event.

Verizon also experienced an increase demand in data use three times more than last year’s Super Bowl in Dallas. Verizon also noted Facebook usage from the stadium spiked at the beginning of the game, during halftime and after the game, and the number of calls went through the roof.

Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile said their networks were able to handle the extra traffic, but didn’t provide any detailed figures.

As more sporting fans want to share their game experience with family and friends, I would imagine even bigger numbers at next year’s Super Bowl.

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