Tech Smackdown: Netflix vs. Amazon

Video streaming-powerhouse Netflix may soon feel the heat with Amazon’s latest venture. Amazon has recently signed an agreement with entertainment giant Viacom to offer streaming from television stations including MTV and Comedy Central.

Amazon’s current streaming service, Prime Video Instant Service, is currently free as part of Amazon’s two-day shipping service Amazon Prime, but Amazon is reportedly considering turning the operation into an independent subscription-based business. Sound familiar?

With Netflix’s rate blunder last year, Amazon has a unique opportunity to lure customers to its service. Rumors of a limited, free subscription with the purchase of a Kindle Fire and a lower overall rate with Amazon have already emerged.

While Amazon may appear to be the fiercest competitor to Netflix as of now, other companies are taking the dive into streaming services.  Verizon recently announced a deal with Coinstar while Google is looking to beef up YouTube.

While I expect Netflix’s market share will drop in the near future, are there enough consumers to go around for emerging streaming companies? How will they attract existing Netflix users?

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