Forgot about Valentine’s Day? Apps to save you in a pinch

Forgot about Valentine’s Day? Apps to save you in a pinch If you woke up this morning and started scrambling for dinner reservations and same-day-delivery flowers, you’re not alone. Once again, application developers have come to your rescue to ensure you don’t spend Valentine’s Day in the dog house. Here are few applications that might just save your neck:

1. Godiva Mobile. While this application can’t deliver the chocolate to you, the store locater makes your post-work trip a whole lot easier.
2. Floralapp. Forgot to order a dozen roses for your Valentine? No worries. This makes ordering flowers from your local shop easy.
3. OpenTable. If you still need a dinner reservation tonight, OpenTable is one of most popular reservation generator available. You might want to lower your expectations if try this at 6pm tonight.
4. Paperless Post. Save yourself a stamp and try an e-card this Valentine’s Day. With the option to create your own card, sending a personalized card is easy.

floralApp makes ordering flowers simple

Hopefully these apps will make your Valentine’s Day slightly less stressful, but kudos to those who planned ahead and won’t need these apps this year!

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