Signal booster on-the-go: Spray-on antenna

Camtech, a startup from Utah featured at Google’s ‘Solve for X’ conference, has developed a spray-on antenna that can potentially solve an unavoidable reception problem.

Antenna-In-A-Can Enhances Phone Signals When Sprayed Nearby

Camtech's spray on antenna

The spray-on signal booster disguised as a can of black spray paint covers a surface in nanocapacitors that align themselves to create a sort of wireless antenna. The company claims the product works on a number of surfaces including walls, trees, clothing, even underwater.

Though I’m a little skeptical of this product, Camtech’s spray-on antenna could be pretty useful to Wisconsinites who spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether you’re in a tree stand in November or a lake house in July, there is definitely a safety appeal.

A “Spray-On Antenna Kit” is available from the company’s website. Though a price isn’t listed, there is a number for anyone interested for more information. Chamtech hopes its product could be used by mobile phone and medical device manufacturers, as well as the government.

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