A brief history of terrible cell phone names

Panasonic announced yesterday the name of its new waterproof and dustproof mobile, the Eulga. As Panasonic’s first mobile to sell outside of Japan, the company certainly choose a dud of a name. Panasonic said Eluga stands for: “EL” as in “elegant design,” “U” as in “user-oriented,” and “GA” as in “gateway for networking service.” The announcement of the Eluga has inspired us at WisTechNews to compile a list of terrible cell phone names, which includes:

  1. Samsung J. Samsung stooped so low as to name their mobile after an emoticon. The person given the task to name new devices at Samsung must have been out sick, struck with a bad case of writer’s block or was possibly a 13-year-old intern.
  2. HTC Vivid.  HTC’s mega-screen smartphone shares a namesake with a popular adult entertainment company. We’re still waiting for both companies to announce a future business partnership.
  3. LG Fusic.  A hybrid of “fun” and “music,” the Fusic included a FM transmitter. The Fusic doesn’t sound like too much fun to me.
  4. Virgin Mobile TNT. The last thing I should have to worry about is my cell phone exploding in my pocket. With a name like TNT, Virgin Mobile doesn’t make that easy. 
  5. Samsung Honey Bubble. Fortunately this mobile with bubble graphics on the back was never available in the US.

We’re sure there are plenty of other terrible cell phone names on the market, but the above are several of the worst offenders.

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