PlayStation releases newest handheld system

Handheld gaming devices have come a long way since the original Nintendo Gameboy.  Vita, released today by PlayStation, is the highly anticipated mobile gaming device that may just steal the spotlight from the slightly disappointing Nintendo3DS.

PlayStation Vita

The PSVita looks similar to many tablets flooding the market right now, though it still has the traditional PlayStation exterior buttons. Its 5-inch AMOLED screen offers pretty impressive graphics for gaming enthusiasts. However, with a sea of tablets and smartphones capable of running games and streaming videos, is a separate handheld mobile for gaming necessary?

The Vita comes with a slew of features that brings it just short of a smartphone. The basic version comes with an app store, web browser and gets you tapped into the PlayStation Network. Users can also opt for 3G coverage through AT&T.

PlayStation’s new Vita seems to be more of a niche product. Unless you consider yourself a serious gamer or PlayStation enthusiast that needs state-of-the-art graphics, a tablet or smartphone will probably cover all your mobile gaming needs.

What are your thoughts on the Vita? Will it revive the sluggish handheld gaming market? Are handheld gaming devices a thing of the past?

We’ll have a full review of the PSVita 3G coming soon. We’ll see if  the PSVita can change my mind about handheld mobile gaming devices.

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