Samsung introduces element resistant smartphone

Samsung’s newest device, the Rugby, is up for grabs from AT&T starting March 4. The waterproof, dustproof  device is one that users will not have to worry about handling with care since it also withstands extreme temperatures. Rugby is good fit for any avid outdoors people or a typical college student.

Samsung Rubgy

While other mobiles have been coined as “splash proof,” Samsung’s Rugby can allegedly withstand being submerged for 30 minutes. Again, this is a great feature for campers and college students who are more prone to liquid mishaps with their phones. The Rugby also claims to be shock proof and can sustain accidental drops so there’s no need to buy bulky cases.

The Rugby may be pretty tough, but it still has the bells and whistles of a top-tier smartphone. Its 3.7-inch AMOLED screen will offer sharp graphics, and the integrated flashlight will probably come in handy whether you’re in the city or at a campsite. The Rugby will run on an Android platform, giving users access to a nearly an infinite number of applications.

If you’re in the market for a extremely durable phone, the Rugby is worth checking out. You can pick one for $99 with a two year contract.

We’re eager to get out hands on the Rugby to see if it is as tough as it claims to be. In the meantime, check out this video testing the Rugby’s durability.

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