New apps for Note users

With the Samsung Note set to launch this weekend, AT&T is giving a preview of the applications for the “phablet, ” known by its brand name of Samsung Note. The hybrid of a tablet and smartphone, the Note’s exclusive applications utilize its S-Pen, otherwise known as a stylus. Here are a few applications that will make a splash with Note users:

  • Soonr Scribble—Make edits on any PDF or WordDoc with this application. Users can scribble notes in the margins or highlight important sections the save them to a secure cloud network.
  • ZenBrush—This application will give the S-Pen the same characteristics as a brush or pen. . The Note screen is pressure sensitive and so brush strokes will change based on how hard or light you press.
  • TouchRetouch—Just like Photoshop to go. Remove unwanted content from your photos easily.  Either “lasso” the object or “color” over it and hit the “play” button and watch the object disappear. 

Screenshot of SoonrScribble for Samsung Note

These applications are just a few The Note will have. Check out our review of Samsung’s Note coming soon.

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