Tech Review: Samsung Note

If the current mega-screen smart phones on the market aren’t flashy enough for you, AT&T recently launched the Samsung Note, ushering in the era of the ‘phablet.’ We were lucky enough to test of the Note to see if it’s truly the “next big thing” as its Super Bowl Ad claimed.

Samsung Note

 A cross between a smartphone and a tablet, the Note’s 5-inch screen is similar in shape and design as the Samsung Galaxy S II (see our review here). Its enormous screen is the largest HD screen display created at this point and comes with a S-Pen to prevent you from getting fingerprints all over this flashy screen. Let’s be real though, Samusung is not fooling anyone when trying to rename the stylus.

Samsung utilizes the S-Pen in some of its exclusive apps and features. If doodling is your thing, the Samsung Note may be for you. The Note’s screen is pressure sensitive, allowing users to make light and dark marks with the S-Pen. Check out our previous post for several applications for the S-Pen.

The Note is another mobile device that utilizes the 4G LTE network. Fast speeds, combined with the large screen size, makes the video streaming and web browsing pretty impressive. If you’re looking for a screen with a ‘wow’ factor, the Note has it with the vivid Super AMOLED screen.

As much as I am impressed with Samsung Note, there is a part of me that finds its size a little ridiculous. The Note isn’t really pocket friendly and a little too big to navigate. I can’t imagine using it on a day-to-day basis, let alone taking the Note places other than the office and home.  Maybe the Note is trying too hard to be the flashiest on the market.

There is a lot to like about the Samsung Note. Its display and screen size combine with fast speeds is really impressive. By the same token, the screen size may have crossed the line as unnecessary. Though, there are plenty of people out there who wouldn’t mind hauling the Note around.

If you’re interested in the Note, you can pick one up at an AT&T store for $300 with a two-year contract.

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