A penny for your tweet? Twitter selling old tweets

Twitter may soon feel of the heat from privacy advocates after it sold an archive of old tweets to a firm called DataShift. Allegedly DataShift is the first outside company to gain access to the old tweets after purchasing them for an undisclosed amount to analyze them for marketing purposes. Another 1,000 companies are on a waiting list through DataShift for the tweets.

Twitter selling old tweets

For those worried about unwanted eyes reading your tweets, DataShift claims in it will only analyze public tweets. Private accounts and deleted tweets will be off record. Datashift and other companies plan to use the tweets as a source to gain insight on brands, businesses, financial markets, news and public opinion from users.

Though Twitter doesn’t disclose its earnings, the bulk of its revenue stems from advertising. I’m eager to see how Twitter monetizes individual tweets if any more information is released.

Does knowing Twitter is selling your thoughts bother you? Or, are you surprised it hasn’t already happened?

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