End of the PC era coming soon?

An article from The New York Times caught my attention today that included a forecast from Apple’s CEO Timothy Cook who predicted tablet sales will outsell the traditional PC in the near future.

As it turns out, Cook is not alone. Tech industry veterans and analysts have jumped on the tablet bandwagon and Cook’s prediction might just be a reality sooner than you think. Horace Diedu, a Finnish analyst, made a compelling case to suggest tablets will outsell PCs by the fall 2013 (read his entire post here). What does this mean for the beloved PC?

The article suggests the PC won’t disappear from the market entirely. Instead, consumers will be picking up tablets and ultrabooks. Eventually PCs will experience the same fate as boxy desktop computers that are becoming a rare sight.So far Apple’s iPad has set the bar the tablet market, but I’m eager to see what happens when both the iPad 3 and Windows 8 tablets are available.

It’ll be interesting how predictions from Cook and Diedu pan out. PC sales outnumbered tablets 6-to-1 in 2011. Can tablets turn the tide in less than two years? What are your predictions?

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