iPad 3 or iPad HD?

It’s Christmas Eve in March for Apple enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for the big reveal of the latest iPad tomorrow in San Francisco. While there are plenty of rumors regarding the upgrades to the newest iPad, it seems likely that Apple will be breaking its naming pattern for the device. Several articles from CNET to VentureBeat are claiming the newest iPad will be the iPad HD, not iPad 3.

A possible reason for the name change could be the nod the HD screen which is supposed to have more pixels per square inch than the average human eye can distinguish at a distance of 12 inches. Or, it could signal the newest iPad has a number or small upgrades rather than a complete revolution to its tablet line. Perhaps the iPad will follow a similar pattern as the MacBook, to MacBook Pro and then MacBook Air.

In the end, will the name of Apple’s new tablet impact sales? My guess is no, but it interesting how product names change our perspective and expectations of the device.

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