Tech Review: Samsung Rugby Smart

For outdoor enthusiasts and the accident prone, AT&T recently released the element resistant Samsung Ruby Smart. After reading what the phone could withstand, I was pretty excited try out the Samsung Ruby Smart for myself.

Samsung Rugby Smart

While the Rugby Smart may not the most aesthetic phone, it even looks durable. The Rugby Smart meets military specifications for dust, humidity, rain and shock. I had no qualms about dropping the phone with its thick case, but I wouldn’t suggest drop kicking it to a friend.

Though the Rugby Smart is designed for durability, users do not necessarily have to give up screen quality. The smartphone still has a 3.7-inch super AMOLED touch screen display making it easy to browse the web and use apps if you’re camping or at the worksite. The on-screen QWERTY seemed a little small and I had a few mistakes texting with it, but this is a feature I could easily adapt to with more use.

I must admit though, I was most excited to test out the Rugby Smart’s resistance to water. The Rugby claims it can be submerged in three feet of water for 30 minutes. I put the Rugby Smart to the test in my kitchen sink and, sure enough, it was still on. I’m not about to put the Rugby Smart up against Lake Michigan, but I’m pretty confident that it can sustain most accidental water damage. However, I would make sure the headphone and power ports sealed are always covered when not in use. If you drop your phone in a puddle while the power port is open, you’ll be shopping for a new one.

Though I’m not the type of gal that will be hiking the Appalachian trial anytime soon, I wouldn’t hesitant to recommend to this phone to camping enthusiast or someone works on heavy duty job sites. If you find yourself in an office all day, the Rugby Smart may be a little excessive unless you’re extremely accident prone.

If you’re interested in the Rugby Smart, you can pick one up at AT&T for $99.99 with a two-year contract.

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