Tech Review: New iPad

A group of lucky consumers, including myself, are among the first to receive the highly anticipated new iPad from Apple. Though I’ve had my share of tablets, I woke up this morning like a kid on Christmas wondering if the new iPad would live up to all the hype and my own expectations. Words cannot describe my excitement when the delivery guy showed up at my door step, box in hand.

With just several hours under my belt with the new iPad, I definitely say it’s a step up above any other tablet. I still cannot wrap my brain around the 3 million pixels on the 9.7-inch screen. I checked out some photographs on the National Geographic website and was blown away by the screen quality. I can honestly say there is not another tablet on the market that can truly compete with the new iPad’s screen quality.

Since the new iPad can access 4G LTE networks, users can expect fast browsing and application use. New iPad users can utilize the 4G LTE network if you purchase a data plan through AT&T. Customers can also purchase data plans with Verizon, though only 3G is currently available.

Users who do not opt for a service package can still access the internet through Wi-Fi. AT&T has over 30, 000 hotspots in United States where mobile users can access the internet. So whether you’re taking at Starbucks or the office, new iPad users should have internet access. 

While the new iPad is slightly heavier and bulkier, they are minor tradeoffs in what users are gaining in overall quality. The new iPad did get heavy in one hand after extended use, but I’m willing to take the carpel tunnel risk.

If you have time this weekend, stop in an Apple, AT&T or Verizon store and check out the new iPad. If you don’t fall in love with it, I won’t believe you. You can pick one up for yourself starting at $499.

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