Twitter celebrates sixth birthday

Six years ago, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey “tweeted” for the first time. Who knew the lackluster message “just setting up my twtr” would revolutionize how individuals, celebrities, brands and social movements communicate? Better yet, six years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed that ‘#’ or ‘@’ would become an important component of my lexicon.

To celebrate Twitter’s birthday I will be enjoying Wisconsin’s summertime March weather and reminiscing several of my favorite celebrity tweets from the past six years. Check out a few of my favorite celebrity tweets:

@olivawilde In a thousand years archeologists will dig up tanning beds and think we fried people as punishment.

@stevemartintogo Found small Chinese person inside my iPhone. Apple needs to address working conditions.

@azizansari Confirmed: Going up to women in a bar & saying “You guys wanna hear a dope story about kidney stones?” makes them hate you.

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