Hate missing phone calls? Nokia has a solution

Whether you hate obnoxious ringtones or rarely have your cell phone on you when it’s set to vibrate, Nokia has a solution that will prevent you from missing another phone call. There’s one catch. You’ll have to get a tattoo first. Yes, a tattoo.

Nokia recently filed for a patent protection for a concept that would use magnetic ink to communicate with specific electromagnetic field outputs from a mobile phone. With any incoming phone call, message or alert the mobile device would send a signal to tattoo and in turn “activate” the skin. Essentially, your tattoo would vibrate.

I hate missing important phone calls as much as the next person, but there comes a point where you have to draw the line. For me, it’s injecting metallic ink into my skin. However, there are some people that would be willing to go that far. I’m also not sold on the idea of my skin buzzing at 3am from my late emails, phone calls or text messages. For those who receive a large amount of messages through mobile devices … who wants their skin constantly vibrating? What if you have more than one mobile device? Do you have to get more than one tattoo?

Though I don’t see the idea becoming a reality anytime soon, it just goes to show the great lengths mobile carries will go to ensure consumers are connected (literally) to their devices.

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