Operating system updates you should know about

Major carriers serving Wisconsin have come out with several big announcements regarding the operating systems for mobile devices. Here are a few updates that might affect your mobile. It’s good to be on top of these announcements as you don’t want to buy a new phone today with a two-year contract and be stuck with an old operating system.:


Verizon released a pretty detailed list on which of its Android devices will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich and what mobiles will be out of luck. The reason for this is because Verizon has to go back and forth with the manufacturer to get these updates through as the devices have special Verizon-features (or apps).


AT&T’s Android-running HTC Vivid now has Ice Cream Sandwich. The good news for Android users angered some Windows OS fans who are still waiting to for the “8701 update.” This update is supposed to fix a disappearing keyboard issue some users have been experiencing. However, AT&T has already come out stating they will have the next Window’s update in the future.

US Cellular

With the rollout of the 4G LTE in Wisconsin and several LTE devices, US Cellular hasn’t mentioned any impending OS updates. Not that I blame them. I’m sure once things settle down with the 4G LTE push we will hear about some updates.

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