Verizon to charge customers for upgrades

If you’re a Verzion customer who’s up for a new two-year contract and new mobile device, you better renew fast. Starting April 22, Verizon will charge new and existing customers $30 to upgrade their mobile device and sign a new contract. However, if you upgrade your phone before the contract expires, you can avoid the $30 upgrade fee. You’l still pay full retail price for the new mobile.

The situation sounds like a lose-lose situation for Verizon customers. Sure, $30 to upgrade your phone probably isn’t breaking the bank, but it’s annoying to see Verizon find way to force consumers to open their wallets a little more. As a company whose goal is to sell the newest, latest and trendiest devices,  this new change could make Verizon users less willing to upgrade and renew their contracts at the first opportunity. It may even cause some customers to consider other providers. 

Verizon has had more than its fare share of blunders this past year, so I’m surprised to see that the company would stir the pot again. From data outages and service fee charges for bill processing, these issues have resulted in some frustrated and very vocal Verizon customers. I wonder if this latest service fee will be the push that will get them to switch providers.

However, Verizon could very well be ahead of the curve. In a year, all mobile users could be paying an extra service fee to upgrade their mobiles.

What do you think? Will Verizon face another customer uproar? Or is it a firm just ahead of its time?

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