AT&T’s Aspire Program prepares workers for high-tech world

I came across an interesting article this morning about the struggles of frustrated job seekers and frustrated employers who also struggle to find workers with the right skill set. This problem appears to be especially true for high-tech industries, telecommunications included. However, the article highlights how AT&T is working to close the skill set gap among future workers with its Aspire program.

The Aspire program is a multi-faceted program aimed at increasing high school graduation rates and improving skill sets among students. A $250 million commitment from AT&T during the next five years will provide grants to schools, non-profits and other projects dedicated to improving high school graduation rates. Aside from a financial commitment, AT&T has had more than 100,000 students participate in its job shadowing program, giving high school students firsthand business experience.

It’s great to see big companies dedicate their resources to ensure American workers are prepared to work in a high-tech world. I hope that more companies in similar industries invest in comparable programs in the future. Not only are programs such as AT&T’s Aspire program beneficial for students, but for employers looking for skilled workers.

To read more about AT&T’s Aspire program, click here.

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