How much is too much for a data plan?

Results from a survey conducted by Park Associates were released today, revealing the cost mobile users are willing to pay for their data plan. According to their findings, two-thirds of those surveyed were unwilling to pay for than $50 for their monthly data plan (which would be my limit as well). However, more interesting, the survey also found that half of the participants survey have no clue how much data they use.

As carriers are turning away from unlimited data plans and ushering reluctant consumers to tier data plans, it’s important mobile users are know how much data they consume on a monthly basis. Not only does this keep up from digging in our couch cushions to pay unnecessary costs, but helps carriers with data management.

With mobile adding smartphones and tablets to their gadget lineup, getting up to speed on your personal data use is beneficial. The only thing that may annoy mobile users, aside from increasing data plan costs, is throttling, or having their bandwidth reduced by their provider. Buy purchasing a tier plan that fits your needs, you can avoid lags at the end of the month cause by throttling.

How much are you willing to pay for a mobile data plan? Have you reluctantly switched to a tiered plan?

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