Microsoft and Barnes & Noble join forces

In a bold move to become the next e-reader kings, Microsoft and Barnes & Noble have teamed up to develop the next generation of Nooks for Barnes & Noble.

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble join forces

Microsoft announced today a $300-million investment in Barnes & Noble that will bring together the Nook and Windows 8. As part of the deal, the next-generation Nook will operate with Windows 8 when it launches later this year.

With the popularity of the Kindle Fire and new iPad, it’s good to see Barnes & Noble take the necessary steps to stay relevant in the market. The bookselling company seems committed to its Nook line and bringing in Microsoft could just be what Barnes & Noble needs to push its e-readers to the next level. In turn, Microsoft will receive more apps and content it desperately needs for its Windows mobile platform. However, I’m wondering if the effort from Barnes & Noble is coming a little too late.

Also, while this pairing can be beneficial for both companies, I’m still surprised these “frenemies” decided to join forces in the first place. The firms had been entangled in the courts for the past year over accusations of patent infringement, but it seems they have put their squabble aside.

Does Microsoft and Barnes & Noble new partnership sound like a good idea? Or, are most e-reader consumers already comfortable with their Kindle Fire or iPad?

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